Stripes on Stripes

I have had both this sweater and skirt in my closet for a good eight months, and I have worn the both plenty of times, but I never realized that together they match perfectly. Lets just say I was more than excited when I discovered this match. It's great finding new items in your closet that you can pair together and the look amazing. Its almost like getting new clothes.

I worked 9-5 today but opted for a longer skirt while there, just to be more business appropriate. But I knew that I wanted to change when I got off into something a little more comfortable and fun for a dinner out with my boyfriend. This outfit did just the trick.

Sweater; Stein Mart. Tank; Forever 21. Skirt; Cotton On. Shoes; Charlotte Russe. Purse; Target.


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Hey my name is Ashley. I currently reside in Jacksonville, Fl. A place where fashion tends to be a little basic. But I love to live outside that stigma for my city. I'm all about wearing fun bold outfits that hopefully will empower women of all sizes to embrace themselves and do the same.