I decided to let my natural hair do it's thing today, and man did it feel good! I put on a swipe of red lip stick and I've never felt more confident. I love days like this.

With me being bi-racial my hair is extremely curly and can be a struggle to manage, but sometimes it good to just embrace your natural qualities and run with it. I often straighten my hair because I do like the length and style choices it gives me, and I will even sometime indulge in a sew in, but I also love my natural hair. I have to say though that sometimes (and this not everyone!!) I feel like some people push the natural hair too hard and sometimes those people can come across as if they feel superior to people who choose to chemically process or add weave to their hair. It almost feels as if they are trying to say the are more proud to be black. People who choose to not have natural hair are not putting out a statement that they are not proud to be black, they are simply doing what makes them feel the most beautiful. We should all understand and embrace that.

Top & Purse; Stein Mart. Shorts & Leggings; Forever21. Boots; Charlotte Russe.


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Hey my name is Ashley. I currently reside in Jacksonville, Fl. A place where fashion tends to be a little basic. But I love to live outside that stigma for my city. I'm all about wearing fun bold outfits that hopefully will empower women of all sizes to embrace themselves and do the same.